YOGA ARTS NZ is a New Zealand owned company that started in 1997, with most of our products sourced and made locally.

Our yoga equipment business started when we setup our own yoga school in Ponsonby: Four Winds Yoga; we then started helping others set up their schools and have gone from there. 

We have products on our site that you simply cannot get anywhere else in the world. Designers from NZ are known as the best in the world and yoga equipment is no different.

Enjoy our site, let us know how we can improve it, feel free to ask any questions if you are unsure about what to buy.

we consist of:
mama (girl in charge) +
papa (woodwork extraordinaire) +
teenage boy (candle connoisseur/YA worker) +
pre-teenage boy (YA worker)
..and many other awesome workers..

First and foremost we are yoga practitioners, a yoga family and we are here to help.

Suzi, Paul, Ethan and Roko


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