Body Balance HEADSTANDER - iyogaprops

Body Balance HEADSTANDER - iyogaprops


Designed for Headstand/ Sirsasana inversion support.

This elegantly designed product enables the safe practice of a Sirsasana (headstand) type inversion without loading the neck or skull.  Suited to those who struggle with sustaining this most beneficial of asanas through posture, strength or injury issues.

Can also be used as a stool.  Insert (not shown) fills the hole in the centre of the prop to form a flat surface.

Note- In Iyengar Yoga schools this type of supported headstand is often done using two chairs. The Body Balance Headstander achieves a similar result.

Maximum weight for Headstander is 180kg.

COLOUR: Black with silver legs
WEIGHT: 4.5kg 

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