VIDEOS: How to use the ELASTIC strap.

adho mukha svanasana
Using YOGA ARTS elastic strap hooked on the back heel of the foot, helps to draw back the shoulder and arm as you extend into the standing poses. The strap stops the spine from collapsing as it extends laterally and in rotation.
Moving through the standing asanas with the containment of YOGA ARTS elastic yoga strap; that stretches as you find full elongation. This has to be experienced to understand its effectiveness. SUZI CARSON four winds yoga 20 ponsonby terrace Ponsonby, AUCKLAND NZ
Yoga arts elastic yoga strap - this series becomes more difficult the tighter the strap. 3 months of using the elastic yoga strap will tone the muscles of the inner arms and inner legs. SUZI CARSON Senior Iyengar Yoga teacher Four Winds Yoga 20 Ponsonby Terrace. PONSONBY, Auckland New Zealand
Suzanne Carson