HALASANA box - Large

HALASANA box - Large


HALASANA box set is a stack-able set of boxes ideal for all yoga studios and home use.

This is for the LARGE halasana box.

The different widths and heights can accommodate different people and provide a platform (excuse the pun) to practice various asanas and it can be re-purposed!

Yoga equipment is not just for yoga, these boxes have many uses. In particular to encouraging everyone who is spending long hours at desks to move away from sitting in chairs. The halasana boxes provide a table and stool for supported seated positions: kneeling, squatting, cross legged, open-hipped positions. Anyone who is interesting in looking after their hips should be looking at working/sitting in a different way; hip health.

Sold as a set or Individually, studios and students can decide which works best for them

Made in NZ from NZ plywood, oil/wax finish.


Large BOX: H 600 mm x W 598 mm x D 330 mm

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