BOLSTER - Pranayama

BOLSTER - Pranayama

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A flatter bolster Yoga Arts Pranayama bolster is broader and flatter than the standard. It is a great accompaniment to the larger, thicker standard and oblong bolsters.

Traditionally used for breathing practices, meditation and restorative yoga.

Filling 2 options:

Wool: 100% NZ wool from a family owned NZ company that has been specialized in wool products since 1986.

Buckwheat: NZ grown organic buckwheat hulls. Zero waste - the buckwheat is milled for gluten free bread, the by product are the hulls.Quite different from wool filling the buckwheat changes shape as you position yourself. It provides excellent support for the head, neck & back because the hulls contour to the weight and shape of the body.

Stock colours: Black, Charcoal Grey & Bali Batik (limited range)

End of line colours: Avocado, Forest Green, Yellow (limited quantity)

Dimensions: 70 cm long, 30 cm wide, 10 cm depth

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