ZABUTON - Zen meditation cushion

ZABUTON - Zen meditation cushion


zabuton is a Japanese cushion for sitting. The zabuton is generally used when sitting on the floor and may also be used when sitting on a chair. Ordinarily, any place in Japan where Paired with the Zafu seating is on the floor will be provided with zabuton for sitting comfort.

it is best known for its use in zazen Zen meditation.

The word zazen meaning "seated meditation" or "sitting meditation". In western terms, colloquially speaking, zafu refers to a meditation cushion, and zabuton refers to the cushioned mat upon which a zafu is placed.

Paired with the Zabuton - a rectangular cushion, that is often used under a zafu cushion to provide comfort and support when engaged in zazen

Zen Buddhist practitioners traditionally sit on a zafu when engaged in sitting meditation. The cushion raises the hips, making the entire range of cross-legged sitting positions more stable for the meditator.

Wool flock inner with 100% cotton removable outer or

Buckwheat filled inner with 100% cotton removable outer.

Dimensions: 730mm x 640mm x 100mm

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