Shakti: MAT

Shakti: MAT


YOGA ARTS now as 3 different SHAKTI mats: Regular, Light and Advanced... Given the nails are the point you can imagine what the advanced feels like! But for the more sensitive the light is a perfect gift.

The Shakti Mat is a therapeutic tool that uses the benefits of acupressure to bring about a feeling of deep relaxation. Based on a modern day BED of NAILS, it is designed to combat stress, sleep problems and back pain, while encouraging circulation, muscle recovery and relaxation. While Yogis have been using the bed of nails as a meditation aid for thousands of years, today users are among those wanting help with relaxation and pain, high performance athletes and those looking to enhance their well-being.

REGULAR: Orange, Green and Black


LIGHT: Yellow

Please note the mats do not come in a bag. Please purchase the bag separately.

Dimension: 750 mm  long x 420 mm wide


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