SPEZIALS: German travel yoga mat

SPEZIALS: German travel yoga mat


This non-slip sticky Oeko-Tex Classic Yoga Mat "SPEZIAL" is the ideal beginners mat for ashtanga or dynamic yoga practice. 

This high quality non slip mat offers a good balance on 'not too hard' floors and excellent grip whilst remaining easy to roll up and light to carry. 
Machine washable at 40°C. Don’t spin though! Let them drip dry. They can be easily folded and stored away. 

European Oeko-Tex Yoga Mats are made in accordance with strict environmental regulations which minimise the impact of their production on the environment. With its orange peel like texture, excellent traction and toxic-free durability, even when moist, this long life mat will provide years of mat longevity for your practice.

SPEZIAL mats have a raised texture which provides superior traction. Whereas general sticky mats have a texture only on one side and that wears out first, these SPEZIAL mats are textured both sides so the mat will last twice as long using both sides.

Linen fibres add to the durability and comfort of this long life mat while helping maintain stickiness even when moist. 

SPEZIAL traction mat soaks up sweat to stay grippy (rather than slip like the smooth grip types). Ideal for Bikram / Hot Yoga.

SPEZIAL is good for general use or travel - made in German

Dimensions: 3mm thick, 60 cm wide, 2 metres long
Colour: Dark Blue

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